3D Animation Reel, 2023

Medium: Maya, Substance Painter, Blender
Role: 3D Animator, Modeller, Texture Development Artist, Renderman, Rigger
Reference Video, Actor: Yuxuan Wu, Credit: Lawrance Luo
Keyframed Animation in Maya

Medium: Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Photoshop, ProCreate

1. In the Shadow: Game Cinematic

2. Two X 4 Racing: Animated Logo; Animated User Interface

The first two animations are from the Building Virtual World class.

Building Virtual Worlds is a 14-week graduate class at Carnegie Mellon University. I took the role of Technical Artist, collaborating with 20 professionals in programming, art, and sound design, and completed five games, each with a 2-week duration. I was working on:
- Designed, prototyped, and Produced five VR/AR games/experiences with Oculus Quest 2, Passthrough, 3D Rudder, Vive Trackers, and one self-built controller.
- Create User Interface and 2D animation (cinematics) for games.
- Created 3D art assets, animation, and rigging using Maya, Substance Painter, and Zbrush.
- Built VFX with Unity particle system and shader graph.

3. League of Legends: Character Motion Graphics (Unsolicited Passion Project)

2D Animation Reel, 2021-2023

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