Character Art: Blue Hair Girl |

Dec 2023 - Jan 2024

Character Modeling • Texture Painting • Rigging • Lighting

Maya, Substance Painter, Arnold Renderer

This character was modeled based on the concept art by artist Jules Rigolle. I redesigned the concept to provide the character with a side view and a complete full-body design.

Converting the concept art into a 3D game asset with textures and rigging, the primary goal is to achieve optimized topology, polygon count, and texture space, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of platforms.

Additionally, I handled the rigging of the character and integrated it into Unreal Engine, conducting thorough tests to assess the model's animation capabilities.

Concept Art

I was initially inspired by the concept art of illustration artist Jules Rigolle, the headshot illustration of this blue-haired girl

Then I adjusted the face by adding freckles and lip rings, and created a side view and full body view of this character based on the headshot.

Box Modeling

I chose to model everything inside Maya using the box modeling technique. In this way, I can achieve the most optimized poly count and topology.

Texture Development

I divided body UV into the upper body and lower body to achieve a detailed skin texture.

Maintaining the charm of the character in its 2d form is also one of the challenges when it comes to the transformation. To maintain the style and personality of the character, I kept the outlines and brush strokes throughout the whole texture development.