Game Character - Red Braids (WIP)
Modeling, PBR Texturing, Rendering

Character Art - Blue Hair
Hard surface modeling, Texture Painting, Rigging
Stylized Heartbeat Animation
Hard surface modeling, Texture Painting, Animation & Rigging
Bipedal Rigging : Slender Body Shape

Katharine Yuxuan Wu

I'm a curious 3D Artist and Animator.
I craft characters, motions, and stories.


Katharine Wu is aN Artist & Designer with an explorative mindset.
She excels in utilizing visual language as a subtle means of guiding user experiences.

Tell me something about you!
I go first. I have FIVE cats.
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The Power of Pain

Independent Game Design & Web Prototype
Oct - Dec, 2021

Tokyo Dive

Web & App Prototype, UI/UX Design(Full Case Study)
Oct - Nov, 2021

Casino Curse

Game Design (Group Work by Hanyi Zhang, Melody Gan, Yuxuan Wu)
Oct, 2021

Poster Project Syracuse

Web Prototype & UI/UX Design (Full Case Study)
Aug - Oct, 2021

Hope Oversee

Web Prototype, UI/UX Design
Feb - Mar, 2021

Layers Of Fear

Graphic Design, Motion Design, Game
Jan - May, 2021


Wearable Design & Spacial Design
Nov - Dec, 2019


Creative Oil Painting
Oct - Dec, 2018

Matcha Ninja

Package Design, Immersive Design
Jan - Feb, 2022

Salt City Harvest Farm

A Series of Branding Includes Motion Graphics, Website Design , and social Media Templates
March, 2022


Online Therapy App Prototype
March - May, 2022

League's Female Power

March - May 2022

429 Project

A story of 429 days. 128 projects
March 2021 - April 2022

2022 Senior Show

Syracuse University, Newhouse Visual Communications Department 2022 Senior Show
April - May, 2022

The Arctic Epoch - Singapore

Jan - May, 2023

Two X 4 Racing

Self-build-controller Game, 3D art, Game UI/UX, Graphic Design
Dec 2022- Feb 2023

In The Shadows

An AR (Augmented Reality) experience that casts shadows of virtual objects to the real world
October 2 - 10, 2022

Chill Project

Educational Client Project with Allegheny Health Network
Jan 2023 - May 2023


An augmented reality (AR) experience that allows players to interact, gather, and adorn within the integrated environment
Sep 2023 - Present

Yuxuan's Reel