Jan 2024 - Present

Character Modeling • Sculpting •  Texture Painting

Maya, Substance Painter, Arnold Renderer

This Character was made based on the artist JonnyD's concept art.

This project is a practice of transforming the concept art into a Game Asset Character model with high details in texture and mesh, includes accurate topology, detailed painting, and effective Grooming.

Under Sculpt

Although the majority of the body is covered by clothes, I still want to capture an accurate anatomy of the body sculpture.

Zsphere > Base Sculpting > Hand Remesh in Maya

Then I adjusted the torso to make it skinnier, complimenting the 5 layers of corsets and vests, to ensure the outcome looks close to the concept art.


Optimizing the topology is crucial in this process. I initiated the topology from scratch and developed my own human retopology for body parts, which can be utilized in future human topology endeavors."
Character Modeling
Character Modeling Retopology
Weapon/Prop Modeling
Weapon/Prop Modeling